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Inspection & Recovery Services for On-hold Finished Goods
Plan Xray Reclaim is a 3rd party service provider for inspection and recovery of finished food products where foreign material contamination is suspected.
Improve Your Food Safety Program
With Our Services
Provide your sample packages & suspect contaminate examples for analysis
Finished goods are shipped to our facility or mobile services dispatch
Contaminated products are isolated and good product recovered with full reports
Detail Documentation
  • Inspection Conformity Certificate (ICC)
  • CCP1: Temperature thresholds
  • CCP2: Validation & Verifications
  • Final Reclaim Report
  • Images produced by Xray of each product inspected
  • Pallet placard images
  • Full repository or library of Xray events
  • Xray algorithm setup for the specific product(s)
  • Xray calibration logs and images

PLAN Automation
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