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Plan Automation Xray Reclaim Machine
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Xray Reclaim Bolton Facility
  • Inspection Conformity Certificate (ICC)
  • CCPI: Temperature thresholds
  • CCP2: Validation & Verifications
  • Final Reclaim Report
  • Images produced by Xray of each product inspected
  • Pallet placard images
  • Full repository or library of Xray events
  • Original Xray algorithm setup for the specific product(s)
  • Xray calibration logs and images
Recover Your Products
Plan Reclaim has been providing inspection & recovery services for food processing clients for over 10 years.

We utilize industry's most advanced metal detection and x-ray technology to inspect finished package products for foreign material contaminates that include:
  • bones, stones, glass, aluminium, rubbers, plastics and standard contaminates
Inspection-Recovery services can be achieved by handling:
  • full-case
  • individual package or
  • raw product
Services are available off-site or mobile (at client's site)

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