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Zappar: creating interactive experiences with SIG cartons

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Elmhurst’s new plant-based protein drink will sport a “zapcode” at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore.

Partnering with Zappar, one of the world’s leading developers and providers of augmented reality (AR), SIG is turning carton packs into interactive and engaging experiences. The technology provides a bridge between physical objects and the digital world in real-time. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, the Zappar App and the fun begins: content is brought to life. The technology offers opportunity for a whole range of creative marketing ideas and campaigns that will engage and entertain consumers.

Smart packaging solutions

Zappar enables SIG to offer its customers an inventive and unique method to get closer to their end-consumer and connect with them through the brand’s packaging design. This “smart packaging” links a product with the digital content and rewards consumers with relevant targeted content for taking the time to engage with a brand. Letting the consumer explore hidden content provides brands an excellent opportunity to improve brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty. These “zapcodes” have allowed SIG to provide customers and brands an added-value solution that answers to a rapidly growing digitized world.

Connected pack: Simpler. Better.

Elmhurst’s new plant-based protein drink will sport a “zapcode” at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. Once the zapcode is scanned (or “zapped’) and the device is pointed towards the front of the carton, the consumer unlocks important information about “The Cleanest Protein Shake on the Planet.” The AR content delivers all the essential details that emphasizes why this is a no-nonsense, free from artificial ingredients, and vegan shake. Along this AR journey, there is information about sustainability with SIG cartons as well as an opportunity for the consumer to take a picture with a personalized face filter to share on social media.

There is also a contact element that allows the consumer to communicate with customer care for additional inquiries. Through a simple “zapcode,” the consumer is entertained and engaged and more importantly, more educated about Elmhurst’s new plant-based protein drink.

Creating interactive packs of the future is part of SIG’s Value Proposition: three value-adding segments to help producers meet increasing industry demands. On-pack “zapcodes” are one of the latest solutions within Connected Pack – a commitment to deliver digital engagement with interactive tools and features such as augmented reality to improve brand awareness.

Yasmin Siddiqi, SIG Marketing Head North America, expressed, “The more interactive and engaging the content is, the more likely it will resonate positively in consumers’ minds. With the aid of AR, brand owners, such as Elmhurst Milked, can expand the experience beyond the product itself, and enable consumers to connect closely with the brand. Ultimately, this has a positive impact on brand image and sales.”


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