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Wine bottle gets smaller as it is poured

Inside of QikVin bottle compresses to keep air out and wine fresher longer.

November 22, 2016   by Canadian Packaging staff

The challenge of most beverages, is to minimize air contact with the liquid to keep it fresher.

In the wine industry, an expensive wine can quickly lose its ambience after oxygen exposure to an open bottle can hurt its freshness. While there have been such innovative features as a vacuum pump to draw out the air or the insertion of inflatable bladders to restrict air filling up the empty space in a bottle, QikVin Press takes on the bottle itself, moving the contents upwards as it gets used… think glue stick or lipstick containers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decant the wine: position the QikVin piston an coaster at the bottom of the QikVin bottle and pour your wine into it and add the dispensing lid on top the QikVin.
  2. Displace the air: push the piston up from the bottom of the QikVin bottle to displace the air through the top. A one-way valve stops the air from entering the bottle by creating a vacuum.
  3. Pour the wine as required. The piston moves through the bottle upwards as it is poured ensuring oxygen will not touch the wine.
  4. The QikVin containing wine can be stored vertically or horizontally.


According to QikVin Press creator Harald Tomesch—a leader in Wisconsin’s wine industry, professor of Concordia University of Wisconsin and a former college professor in Canada—he expects the QikVin Press to sell for US$99, though if one becomes involved in his Kickstarter campaign starting later in December of 2016, you can get it for US$55.

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