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UNITED CAPS New SAFE-TE Closure Recognized as Most Welcomed Packaging Solution of the Year by Duxes

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New 127 SAFE-TE closure for baby food safety includes impenetrable security features and a premium look to stand out on the shelf.

UNITED CAPS, an international manufacturer of caps and closures, today reported that its brand-new SAFE-TE closure for baby food safety received a prestigious award at the Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2019, organized by Duxes for the past seven years. This innovative closure, designed specifically for the Asian market, was recognized as the Most Welcomed Packaging Solution of the Year.

“With its rapidly increasing population and emerging middle-class consumers, Asia has the highest growth in demand for milk and dairy products in the world and an expanding appetite for health and wellness solutions,” said Mr. Adhi Lukman, chairman of the Indonesia Food and Beverage Association (GAPMMI). “This includes a demand for safety, convenience and a premium look in baby food packaging. The award presented to UNITED CAPS for its new 127 SAFE-TE closure is well-deserved as its innovative approach to this new closure ticks all those boxes and more.”

“We are pleased that Duxes has recognized the hard work of our research & development team in bringing this new solution to market,” says Benoit Henckes, CEO of UNITED CAPS. “Not only does the 127 SAFE-TE closure address concerns about product purity, but it also includes effective security solutions and a more premium look, both of which are important to consumers in the Asian market. It builds on popular PROTECSCOOP features – ease of preparation, scoop hygiene and more – while adding a truly exceptional tamper-evident feature with our state-of-the-art Flexband technology and ‘drop down’ lock. At the same time, it only requires very minor changes to existing capping/filling lines, important for infant nutrition manufacturers, for whom extensive changes can be very expensive and time consuming.”

SAFE-TE: The Details


As the market reference for snap caps and scoops for tins of infant milk powder over the past 80 years, UNITED CAPS continues to develop and improve its line of infant nutrition closures. The new SAFE-TE line takes UNITED CAPS offerings for infant nutrition products to the next level, addressing the need in the Asian market for increased tamper evidence (TE) indicators and a more premium look. Like the popular PROTECSCOOP, SAFE-TE is a flip-top hinged closure whose innovative design allows easy preparation of infant feeding bottles, for left- or right-handed individuals. 127 SAFE-TE’s tamper-evident band presents highly visible evidence of any tampering with a unique ‘drop down’ lock that makes it incredibly obvious if the product has been opened. Thanks to the new Flexband, it is literally impossible for a malevolent actor to remove the closure, tamper with the contents, and return the closure to its original condition. UNITED CAPS’ award-winning anti-counterfeiting solutions add even greater levels of reassurance. SAFE-TE’s contamination-free foil-sealed chamber protects the included scoop until use, and an integrated hook keeps the scoop handy for further use. SAFE-TE is offered in the standard blue, green and white UNITED CAPS colours plus a premium gold, which offers the overall look of higher quality and standout shelf appearance that is a growing requirement in Asian markets. Advanced in-mould labelling options further enhance opportunities for brands to differentiate themselves with a large area for IML or engraving.

127 SAFE-TE is available in 127-mm, with a 99-mm solution in the pipeline. Production of SAFE-TE for the Asian market will begin in the company’s brand-new factory in Kulim, Malaysia, in September 2020.

80 Years Young

Reaching its 80th anniversary is a significant milestone that UNITED CAPS is celebrating throughout 2019. “Our long heritage in continued success in this business is a powerful endorsement of the level of knowledge and expertise we have been able to accumulate over the years,” Henckes remarks. “Our legacy is one of progress, but we are certainly not resting on our laurels. We are looking ahead to continued and significant innovation during our next 80 years, with a platform designed to continue our growth and progression. We are excited about what comes next!”


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