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Pizza And A Movie – From Pizza Hut

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New Pizza Hut pizza box turns into a movie projector.

First things first – this is currently ONLY available in Hong Kong.

Next – Pizza Hut is offering those who get a pizza delivered to their home the opportunity to convert the pizza box into a movie projector.

Pizza and a movie? What’s not to love?!

Pizza Hut—owned by Yum! Brands—has a Hong Kong promotion that debuted in April 2015 where one can order the Blockbuster Box—we’ll assume it costs a little more—where you push out a die-cut hole on the box’s side, insert a lens (it’s placed atop the pizza saver table in the middle of the pizza), place your smartphone inside on the pizza saver table, and watch the movie. The lens magnifies the movie on the smartphone.

The deal comes with a free scannable QR code that provides you with a free movie download, however, it will play/project any downloadable content you have on your smartphone.

There are four different styles of Blockbuster Box, with fantastic stylistic artwork to match the corresponding genre of the free movie that comes with it:

  • Fully Loaded box  = Action movies
  • Slice Night = Scary movies
  • Hot & Ready = Romance movies
  • Anchovy Armageddon = Sci-Fi movies

If you are expecting HD quality, forget it. Odds are you’ll have mozzarella cheese grease on the lens, but still – that’s something you can clean.

The concept and box design was created by advertising and branding gurus Ogilvy & Mather Group.

There are no suggestions that this is coming to North American homes just yet, but it has been tested in other Asian markets.

As for what’s going on in North America, Yum Brands’ Taco Bell and Pizza Hut say they will remove all artificial colors and flavors from its foods.

That’s good, but it’s not movie good.



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