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Perfect pail for premium pet food

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RPC Superfos Hobbock pail keeps dry pet food safe and airtight.

DENMARK—The RPC Superfos Hobbock pail has proved the perfect storage solution for a new premium quality dry pet food.

Denmark-based Essential Foods has developed BOF, Behavioural Optimizing Foods, concentrating on the link between nutrition and behavior. The dry BOF pellets come in bags and are sold to retailers, breeders and pet owners.

The sturdy Hobbock pail then ensures that the pellets can be stored in optimum condition, as it is 100 percent airtight, while wide and deep grips make it convenient to carry.

“Our pellets must ideally be stored in a dry and cool place—and in an airtight storage container,” says Essential Foods chief executive officer and founder Christian Degner-Elsner. “Stored in the Hobbock pail, the last meal from a 12.5-kilogram bag tastes just as good as the first.


“We wanted a storage container that was sturdy enough to withstand some tough handling, as the pail is distributed all over Europe through parcel service companies,” he continues. “To us it is imperative that the pail reaches the pet owner in an impeccable condition. The Hobbock solution matches our expectations and we are very happy with it.”

The pail and grip are injection molded in Essential Foods’ signature racing green color, create an elegant and uncluttered look. Equally important, the pail is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic that can be reused, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

“Hobbock is a solid bucket that practically can last forever. In this way it is a sustainable solution and in line with our brand values,” says Degner-Elsner. “We want to offer an outstanding customer experience in any aspect of our brand. The Hobbock pail from RPC Superfos follows those high quality standards.

“Working with RPC Superfos has been a brilliant experience,” he concludes. “All through the process, their team has demonstrated a clear we-can-do attitude that leads to absolutely pleasant business relations.”

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