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Perfect barbecue pleasure

Forget the cold, check out these new barbecue sauces - from Germany?

October 30, 2014  By Andrew Joseph

Just because it’s getting cold again, it doesn’t mean you have to just sit huddled around the fireplace on your faux bearskin rug eating soups—not that there is anything wring with that.

Still, there’s never a bad time to enjoy barbecued meats—that’ll warm you up!

And certainly the the four new flavors of barbecue sauce from Carl Kühne KG, a 10-generation long family company from Berlin, will keep the home fires burning.

The new barbecue sauce range contains four varieties: Chipotle Chilli, Honey Mustard, Honey BBQ and Red Thai Curry. Brilliant!


The sauces are contained with in a tried and tested 250ml polypropylene bottle from RPC Kutenholz (RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz GmbH).

These highly-transparent blow-moulded bottles also meets consumer demand for squeezeability and perfectly suit the new barbecue sauces by Kühne.

The bottles feature an oxygen barrier allowing the high-quality barbecue sauces to be manufactured without the use of preservatives or flavor enhancers.

Company information on RPC Kutenholz camn be found at

For more information on Carl Kühne KG, visit

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