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Klingon Imperial Porter beer ready for human consumption

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Scmaltz Brewing Company creates first of three 2017 Star-Trek themed beers.

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In case you aren’t fluent in Klingon, it means “may your death be honorable”… something that is akin to the U.S. Marine’s adage: Death before dishonor…. which itself was borrowed from the Japanese bushido (Way of the Warrior).

Providing you can wrap your tongue around the salute, you might want to try the new Klingon Imperial Porter beer from Shmaltz Brewing Company of Clifton Park, NY.

The beer, soon to be released, is the first of three Star Trek-themed beers that the brewery hopes will take you where no one has gone before.


The 7.3% ABV Klingon Imperial Porter has “ruby undertones” meant to pay homage the the warlike Klingon race’s own Bloodwine alcoholic drink.

The beer features Specialty 2-Row, Vienna, Melanoidin, Crystal, Honey, and Pale Chocolate varieties of malt, and Columbus and Vanguard hops.

While not yet available in Canada, it will be beamed into bars and stores in many American states: New York, Massachusetts, Washington DC/Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, California, Missouri, Michigan and Kansas, with plans for further distribution to come.

A four-pack of Klingon Imperial Porter is priced at approximately US $10.99 or $60 for a 24-case.

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