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Keystone launches Ecoslide-RX 2.0 compliance package

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Walmart first to adopt next-generation compliance package foam.

Newark, NJ—Walmart has announced plans to incorporate the next generation of Keystone Folding Box Company’s Ecoslide-RX 2.0 compliance package into its pharmacies nationwide beginning in 2015. The new Ecoslide-RX 2.0 offers a host of upgraded features that enhance user-friendliness, including redesigned lock/unlock functionality and enhanced graphics providing more dynamic user instructions.

The package passed Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protocol testing for child resistance and once again received the highest rating, F=1. In addition to demonstrating a high level of senior friendliness, Ecoslide RX 2.0 was also reported by patients to be “easy to open” in consumer testing.

“With Ecoslide RX 2.0, the overall consumer experience has been improved: the opening procedure of the new package is more intuitive, and minimal effort is required to unlock the package. Enhanced graphics present operating instructions that are easily understood—a benefit particularly to seniors who, understandably, comprise a significant percentage of prescription medication users,” explains Keystone director of marketing Ward Smith. “Major pharmaceutical manufacturers are expressing strong interest in this package based on the overall customer experience.”

Compliance packaging helps prompt patients to take medications correctly. Many compliance packages offer day-of-the-week calendarization for each individual dose, which has been shown to significantly increase patients’ likelihood to adhere to medication regimens. Keystone’s latest package design is also more environmentally sustainable than competing packages, hence its Ecoslide moniker.


In 2011, a published peer-reviewed study of over 300,000 Walmart pharmacy patients during a two-year period concluded that compliance, or adherence, packaging improved adherence and persistency. The same Walmart study showed a significant ROI (return on investment) for the incremental cost of the compliance package over traditional bottles.

Ecoslide-RX 2.0 works for prescription products, physicians’ samples and clinical trial materials. It is superior to traditional vials because it allows for large, easy-to-read type on all sides conducive to clear, simple opening instructions, and offers a more reliable locking mechanism.

The compliance pack also is easy to stack in medicine cabinets and convenient to transport. Blister packages have less risk of contamination from dropping, spilling or moisture, and can be equipped with useful weekly calendars/reminders that help consumers keep track of their medications.

While Keystone continues to be a leader in the manufacturing and design of paperboard packaging, they are also a design center and source for non-paperboard packaging components.

For more information on Ecoslide-RX 2.0, contact Ward Smith at (513) 871-4747 or via e-mail at or visit


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