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Ikea offers “new” concept of Bookbook

Innovative, cheeky advertisement from Ikea offers a look at how its catalogue has all the bells and whistles of the digital age in a handy hand-held device.

September 10, 2014   by Canadian Packaging Staff

Leave it to Ikea to poke fun at itself and at the world in general.

Known as the world’s largest furniture retailer for a reason—good-looking, inexpensive furnishings that are easy to self-construct—Ikea is a Swedish-headquartered company that was founded by then 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad.

Because everyone should know this, Ikea is actually an acronym—each letter relates to a word:
I – Ingvar
K – Kamprad
E – lmtaryd (the farm where he grew up)
A – Agunnaryd (his home town).

Check out the YOUTUBE video below to show how Ikea, a company known for its cost-control, operational details and continuous product development provides a little something extra for its customers – even using the digital medium to advertise it.

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