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Fruit Mousses get a fresh look

New multilayer polypropylene pot from RPC Bebo provides new shelf impact and food protection for food manufacturer.

April 20, 2017   by Canadian Packaging staff

Effective product protection and on-shelf impact are being combined in a new thermoformed multilayer polypropylene pot from RPC Bebo Polska for the Fruit Mousses range from leading Polish manufacturer Menii.

Menii is a family company processing fresh fruit into healthy and delicious mousses that contain no preservatives, additives or food coloring. The Menii mousse products are available in a choice of flavors including apple, strawberry, peach, pear and cherry, as well as mixed fruit varieties and with added chocolate.

To ensure product quality and also maximize brand awareness and image, Menii required an eye-catching and functional pack that would protect and maintain the freshness of the contents.

The Ro 84 tub from RPC Bebo Polska incorporates a barrier layer of EVOH (Ethylene vinyl alcohol) to prevent oxygen ingress and deliver an extended shelf-life.


The mousse is pasteurized in the container and then sealed with a colorful closure depicting the variety of fresh fruit in the pack to create effective shelf stand out in retail outlets.

The peelable closure and light easy-handling tub also ensure maximum consumer convenience.

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