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EasySnacking breaks the ice for frozen yogurt

Award-winning packaging from RPC Superfos leads the way for successful frozen yogurt company in Luxembourg.

July 21, 2016   by Canadian Packaging staff

LUXEMBOURG—The award-winning EasySnacking pack from RPC Superfos has played a crucial role in the success of a new range of frozen yogurt from Luxlait, Luxembourg’s leading dairy company.

Available in three flavors—peach and passion fruit, strawberry, and caramel with salted butter and pecan nuts—the frozen yogurt has a creamy and light texture to provide the treat of ice cream but with fewer calories. For each flavor, there is a matching coulis: caramel, strawberry, or passionfruit.

Luxlait cites the sleek injection molded PP (Polypropylene) EasySnacking container, which includes a stylish spoon in the lid and makes eating on-the-go an indulgent experience, as one of the reasons that sales have surpassed expectations.

Luxlait purchasing manager Jérôme Lejeune explains why EasySnacking was the perfect choice: “We chose the EasySnacking pot because we were intrigued by the general look and feel of it. It conveys something modern and young, and even has a dash of ergonomic design because it is so soft and smooth. Further, we appreciate the integral, organically-formed spoon, which is quite solid and therefore perfect for scooping frozen yogurt.”


Another major benefit, according to Luxlait, are the transparent lids in striking colors—one for each flavor—which afford end-users a glimpse of the beautiful pattern from the coulis on top of the frozen yogurt.

“Sales have surpassed our expectations, and part of our success lies in the packaging,” continues Lejeune. “We have been working with RPC Superfos for more than 15 years now, and know the company as a serious packaging supplier who regularly visits us and presents new packaging ideas to us. The idea of using the EasySnacking pack was spot on.”

Frozen yogurt from Luxlait was initially targeted at younger customers, but has proved popular with a much broader segment of the market. In response to the series’ success, Luxlait is currently working on the introduction of two additional flavors: vanilla and raspberry.

Since its launch, EasySnacking has garnered much acclaim. It recently received the Product Innovation Award 2016 from The Foodservice Packaging Association, and was a finalist in the category “Best convenience/on-the-go packaging” at the World Food Innovations Awards. It also holds a Scanstar Award from the Nordic packaging competition of the same name.

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