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E-commerce packaging innovations promise to make online sales flow for beverage brands

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The (R)Ecommerce lid that converts standard crates into e-commerce packs and Giftbee, the first ever purpose-designed reusable e-commerce pack for glass bottles, chart two paths to crack open online sales.

The potential of online sales for beverage makers is enormous, and largely untapped until now. DS Smith Plastics has developed two complementary circular packs to help brands boost sales get their goods directly to their customers, deliver massive promotional buzz and encourage quick and easy repeat purchases.

The (R)Ecommerce lid converts your existing crates into E-commerce packs with a secure, locking and resealable lid that fits most standard crates. Included in the lid is a special chip that communicates with an app to organize collection when it has been emptied – along with quick and easy access to an e-commerce website to place a new order encouraging repeat business and brand loyalty.

“We have over 30 years of experience perfecting reusable beverage crates and we’re best-placed to introduce the first E-commerce solution for brands or distributors looking to tap into the e-commerce market. It fits seamlessly into existing production and distribution processes because the crates are fully stackable with the lid, both in columns and cross-stacked,” said Paul Baeyens, Managing Director of DS Smith Plastics. “Without any machinery investment or separate production lines you still access the incredible potential of online sales and generate unbeatable brand loyalty through loop-ready packs that can be ordered again and again with the click of a button.”

The second option is Giftbee. Giftbee is the first reusable and trendy premium e-commerce pack for glass bottles and comes with two reusable Fillbee six packs inside for an unparalleled brand experience for consumers. Too frequently the consumers’ unboxing experience is all too forgettable.
“The marketing power of a Giftbee hits new heights as the pack can be mounted on a bike rack to hold beer in Fillbees (or anything else) and ridden around town by a happy consumer and brand ambassador,” continued Baeyens. “There is a huge overlap between people who love cycling and who love really great beer – they also tend to be younger, live in cities and care about sustainability. Those consumers will love the fact that this isn’t another brown box to clog up their recycling but something beautiful and useful that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. And if they ever do.

Giftbee can be fully branded with large IML labels, or embossed wording, making it ideal for important marketing blitzes like product launches or event tie-ins.

With these two innovations DS Smith Plastics has delivered a new set of tools for beverage brands and distributors to get their goods to passionate consumers and convert them into brand ambassadors. To see these innovations and more please visit us at Braubeviale in Hall A4-booth 207


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