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AstroNova Launches GetLabels Brand, Highlighting Company’s “Total Labeling Solution” for Customers

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GetLabels is the world’s premier blank label and thermal transfer ribbon supplier for resellers and brand owners

AstroNova, Inc., a global leader in data visualization technologies, today announced the launch of GetLabels, the newest brand in the Company’s Product Identification family. Complementing QuickLabel and TrojanLabel, the leading brands for digital color label printers and specialty presses, GetLabels is the world’s premier blank label and thermal transfer ribbon supplier for resellers and brand owners. GetLabels has developed hundreds of unique label materials engineered to cover the aesthetics, functionality, and durability requirements of a broad range of applications. This enables customers to produce their own labels and tags in-house – to their specifications – with just-in-time flexibility.

At, customers can choose the precise label they want based on their printer technology, market application, material requirements, adhesive type, and ink/toner set. “While we’ve always prided ourselves on providing a total labeling solution, launching GetLabels as a stand-alone brand gives us a platform to feature all of the labeling options available to our customers,” said AstroNova President and CEO Greg Woods. “Proprietary labeling materials, adhesives, and inks are an integral part of why customers rely on our products, and GetLabels enables us to reach those customers more efficiently and effectively.”

AstroNova’s Materials Research Lab, located at the Company’s Rhode Island headquarters, is the hub of product development and qualification testing for the GetLabels brand. Every paper and synthetic label, film and tag, ink and toner, is tested to measure adhesion strength and resistance to moisture, chemical solvents, abrasion, and UV light. This rigorous engineering analysis ensures the quality and durability of GetLabels products for any application, from chemical drum containers and automobile tires to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage packaging.

“Our goal is to deliver products and services our customers can consistently rely upon, and we deliver on that commitment in two distinct ways,” Woods said. “First, our documented quality procedures abide by stringent ISO standards, with our quality assurance engineers overseeing our products from raw material all the way through to their completed state in the manufacturing and packaging process. Second, our on-site team of GetLabels media specialists provides free media consultations to ensure all end-user requirements are met. The net result is an extremely high level of customer satisfaction and a great user experience.”

To learn how GetLabels can help you grow your business, call (877) 757-7978. You also can request a free media consultation by visiting or emailing To see examples of how customers are using our printers and labels, check out the AstroNova Product Identification YouTube Channel.


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