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2016 SIAL Innovation contest

The 10 finalists for 2016 SIAL Innovation contest are revealed.

March 29, 2016
by Canadian Packaging staff

MONTREAL—In anticipation of the SIAL Canada show happening from April 13-15, 2016 at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, SIAL Innovation’s international jury was convened on March 15th at SIAL Canada’s Montreal headquarters to select 10 finalists for the SIAL Innovation 2016 Grand Prize.

SIAL Innovation is the only international contest with a presence in the four corners of the world. Made up of food industry experts and held in partnership with XTC World Innovation, the jury rewards 10 finalists and hands out one Grand Prize. All of the finalists, as well as the grand-prize winner, will have the chance to travel around the world as they visit all of the SIAL network’s shows, held in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Paris and Abu Dhabi.

“It wasn’t easy. All types of experts were gathered around that table. Chefs, distribution experts, nutritionists, as well as marketing and innovation specialists – all debating and defending for their favorite products, all the while exhibiting a critical spirit by casting aside false innovations. In short, the jury did an amazing job,” states SIAL Innovation jury president Xavier Terlet.

For this reason, the 2016 SIAL Innovation prize list is perfectly balanced. All added value products are represented in one way or another.

“For us, the most important thing is that innovation offers customers a new benefit, whether it be for sheer enjoyment, health, shape, usefulness or even civic rights and ethics. It’s a fair bet that these 10 products will find their ways onto shelves and into restaurants,” adds Terlet.

10 SIAL Innovation Finalists below, with commentary from the jury panel:

  • Heritage Ham Trio by Arturo Sánchez, Spain – Booth #1401. “In terms of taste, we were able to truly appreciate the Ham Trio, known as Heritage from the Spanish company, Arturo Sanchez. This product offers up a great introduction to its products via tasting thanks to three bellota hams cured using different techniques. Served in a limited-edition box, the Ham Trio is the perfect gourmet gift.”
  • Assorted Chocolates with Sorbet and Ice Cream Centres by Essence Glacier, Canada – Booth #823. “Fantastic taste and a unique touch of originality is found in these ice cream and sorbet-filled chocolates by Essence Glacier (Canada). Not only chocolates nor simply frozen delights, they are a delicate combination of these two sweet treats. Available in seven flavors, including passion fruit that will surely create a sensory experience.”
  • Chios Gardens Fruit Juices, Greece – Booth #2505. “The jury appreciated the Chios Gardens fruit juices by Market Sage for their unique positioning. Each juice features the number of fruits pressed to make its contents. Each juice box includes 12 oranges, 26 mandarins, or even a blend of five oranges, four apples and a peach.”
  • Date Bites by Bard Valley, United States – Booth #910. “Eating for pleasure and health is possible thanks to U.S. company Bard Valley Medjool Dates with its Date Rolls that are coated in tiny crunchy pieces. Produced on the border of California and Arizona, these dates are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and are available in four gourmet versions that play with taste and texture, as well as a variety of coating options. They’re sold in an easy-to-carry package and can be enjoyed as a light snack that’s both gourmet and healthy.”
  • Salmon Tartare by Grizzly, Canada – Booth #723. “In another industry, Canadian company Fumoir Grizzly’s Salmon Tartare also brings together health and taste. Since it’s frozen, the product is very practical, but is also rich in protein and low in calories. Its citrus marinade, which is sold separately, provides a pleasant touch of acidic freshness.”
  • Et Voilà! Camelina Oil by Olimega, Canada – Booth #215. “A Healthy eating is yet again prevalent thanks to Et Voilà! Camelina Oil produced by Canadian company Olimega. Camelina oil has very high levels of fatty acids, including omega-3, as well as omega-6 and omega-9. The oil can be used for all types of cooking and will surely satisfy health-conscious consumers.”
  • Snack-Format Ham by Arturo Sánchez, Spain – Booth #1401. “As today’s consumers value practical products, the jury truly appreciated Arturo Sanchez’s convenient snack product, who won over the jury twice. The product is a ready-to-eat, individually portioned version of its Iberian ham.”
  • Poutine Bites by St-Hubert, Canada (see image above) – Booth #2647. “Practicality is yet again highlighted with Canadian producer St-Hubert’s Poutine Bites. Frozen bites of cheese in a brown sauce wrapped in a potato coating, these 335-gram boxes are ready to be shared at any time. An excellent appetizer treat.”
  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cake by Bleumer, Canada – Booth #2634. “Speaking of pre-dinner options, one shouldn’t overlook the Bleumer smoked salmon cake by Food Momentum (Canada). This cheesecake-style smoked salmon delight features 24 pre-cut individual slices on a platter.”
  • MesurACC Labelling Verification System by Étiquetage ACC Inc., Canada – Booth #2630. “This year, the contest also welcomed innovations from the processing, packaging and technical fields. Experts considered the MesurACC food-label verification system, a tool designed to ensure labeling respects regulatory typographical requirements. Simple and effective, this system will definitely come in handy for professionals.”

These products can be found at the SIAL Innovation space, booth #1809, and all visitors will be able to ask experts their questions while checking out the observatory and helping in the filming of short videos. As special visitors, journalists will also have the chance to attend the official tasting for the grand winner in the show’s media area!

The members of the 2016 SIAL Innovation jury:
UQAM associate professor Jean-Pierre Lemasson; Metro vice-president Marie-France Gibson; nutritionist Isabelle Huot; Nielson executive analyst Véronique Morin; La Guilde chef Jonathan Garnier; Produits Alimentaires Berthelet executive chef Yves Moscato; ITEGA executive director Bruno Ponsard; and WSP foodeservice consultant Guillaume Lussan.

To learn more about our jury members, visit: To stay abreast of SIAL’s activities, please visit us on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter #SIALMTL2016) or

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