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Rexroth North American GoTo Focused Delivery Program continues to grow, offering thousands of Rexroth products with best-in-class lead times

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Rexroth’s popular GoTo Focused Delivery Program continues to grow by offering a strong product portfolio of thousands of Rexroth products with best-in-class lead times.

Bosch Rexroth’s GoTo Focused Delivery Program continues to offer high demand products across Rexroth’s broad range of technologies for fast delivery. More than 99 per cent of the products in the program ship in 10 days or fewer, with the same lead times in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

With the GoTo Focused Delivery Program Rexroth offers reliable on-time delivery of many high demand products across its broad range of technologies. Considering product-dependent maximum order quantities, customers benefit from short lead times and unrivaled simplicity.

The latest round of GoTo updates now includes more than 4,500 products – about four times the original offering in 2009. The GoTo Focused Delivery Program is continually optimized and updated so that the product offering remains fresh and reflects the latest technologies while continuing to grow, even as older products are rotated out of the program.

With almost 3,000 products, hydraulics remains the largest representation in the GoTo program. The portfolio includes products for both mobile and industrial hydraulics applications. Customers can select from a variety of pumps, motors, valves, power packs, filtration systems, a significant range of accessories and aftermarket parts, and many more.


The electric drives and controls portfolio experiences a significant expansion in the latest GoTo program update with almost 100 additions. Highlights include a larger offering in the IndraDrives Cs portfolio as well as an expansion to the IndraDrive C/M Control Section Gen. 2 with associated firmware; expansion of the new Servo Motor MS2N with single cable variants; and additions to the Frequency Converter product family EFC5610 – 3AC230V.

The linear motion portfolio remains strong with an impressive existing group of core products including ball and roller rails, compact modules, EMC cylinders, and Easy Handling products. The assembly technologies portfolio continues to improve with an optimized group of aluminum structural framing, manual production components and a proven VarioFlow plus conveyor offering.


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