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Precise and consistent snack food seasoning coverage

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The FastBack® Revolution On-Machine Seasoning System and Spray Dynamics® Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer provide consistent coverage and simplifies snack food seasoning.

Brand consistency is a key to long-term success, so variability of seasoning coverage can be a problem in snack food manufacturing. FastBack Revolution OMS System and Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer provide uniform coverage.

FastBack Revolution OMS System

The FastBack Revolution OMS System combines the superior seasoning performance of the patented dynamic AccuFlavor™ Tumble Drum, the efficiency of the Modular Dust Collection System, and the advanced FastBack Model 260E-G3 into one compact, cost-efficient, standalone unit designed to overcome seasoning challenges at the weigher.

FastBack Blending System

FastBack Blending Systems offer manufacturers the most economical and accurate means of delivering product blends to multiple scales in a variety of environments.

Manufacturers can now calibrate each component stream, regardless of the component’s characteristics, for a constant product stream flow, achieving balanced blends, giving operators complete and intuitive control.


Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer

The Slurry-on-Demand Continuous Mixer eliminates the inherent flaws of standard mix and use tank systems. The recipe-driven, tankless, continuous mixer automatically and accurately mixes seasonings and liquids into homogeneous, lump-free slurries in the desired quantity demanded downstream, significantly reducing wasted ingredients and operator start-up and cleaning time.

Because an operator is not involved in measuring and dosing ingredients, the exact quantities of ingredients are accurately dosed and the ratios maintained, resulting in minimal residual slurry at the end of a production run. Operators can quickly change flavors without needing to clean and to refill tanks or to prepare mixes well in advance of the product changes.

FastBack 260E-G3 horizontal motion conveyor

The FastBack Revolution OMS System uses the FastBack 260E-G3 horizontal motion conveyor to gently transport for product integrity maintenance product and for food safety.

The FastBack is the industry’s most reliable drive and the FastBack 260E-G3 builds upon that reliability with a sleek stainless steel chassis and body designed for improved sanitation, maintenance accessibility, and food safety. It can be used for any application in which gentle, powerful, horizontal motion conveying is required for throughputs within specification.


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