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Krones: preview for drinktec 2017

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Krones will be intermeshing iron and steel with clouds and data, with digitalization playing a key role at the upcoming drinktec 2017 trade show.

At drinktec 2017—the world’s largest meet-up for the beverage and liquid food industries held September 11-15, 2017 in Munich, Germany—Krones will continue to wow visitors with its capabilities over in Hall B6.

This year’s focus is on innovations designed primarily to:

  • improve line performance;
  • to ensure even higher individualization and flexibility, and;
  • to impart additional sustainability to the production operation.

Digitalization plays a key role in this context, and constitutes a unifying theme for the entire Krones exhibit area.

Marrying iron and steel to clouds and data makes for an even closer intermeshing of all processes along the entire value added chain—and will significantly upgrade performance levels in the production environment as well.


High-speed filling lines
When it comes to filling beverages and liquid foods, the speed of the filling process plays a crucial role.

For this reason, Krones is continuing to prioritize high speeds for its lines.

At drinktec 2017, a high-speed line for filling bottles with beer will be on display, with a rating currently unequaled on the market by the competition.

Individuality and flexibility
Consumers’ desire for individualization is still rising inexorably, and Krones has precisely the right solutions for this.

As exemplified by a pilot line comprising a combination of filler, direct printing machine and intelligent conveyors, Krones shows that even small batch sizes can be produced effectively while retaining maximized flexibility.

This means that in future, products can be filled on a just-in-time basis, and the containers individually dressed using a direct printing process—without order-picking and without warehousing.

Energy savings
Krones is also vigorously driving forward the issue of eco-efficiency—and the vision of an energy-autonomous, sustainable production operation is already taking tangible shape in the “Brewery of the Future”.

In this research project, a brewery is being developed step-by-step to operate 100 percent without the use of fossil fuels, instead obtaining its energy exclusively from recovering recyclables.

Block technology
In addition, the demand for space-saving layouts is steadily increasing, which is why Krones is driving forward the block concept for complete lines, which will expand its product range.

A wide and varied spectrum of blocked combinations will be on show at drinktec 2017.

What they all have in common is this: they are compact, and correspondingly space-saving, cost-efficient and flexible.

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