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Heat and Control to Exhibit at International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) 2019

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They will be located at Booth #5043

Heat and Control, food processing and packaging systems equipment manufacturer, will be exhibiting at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 8-11, 2019. They will be located at Booth #5043.

IBIE gathers the global grain-based food industry by hosting a powerful event to conduct face-to-face meetings, experience the newest innovations, participate in cutting-edge conference sessions and demos, and build relationships at high-level networking events.

Heat and Control will be promoting a variety of technologies for an interactive visitor experience.

Ishida, the leader in the snack packaging category, and dominant in the high-speed operation range, continues to break ground with their Inspira Snack Bagmaker and Multihead Weighers.


Inspira Snack Bagmaker

Inspira is a fast, stable, and precise snack bagmaker, perfect for any type of laminated film from thick to thin. The interface automatically adjusts timing values and mechanical settings and holds up to 200 presets giving operators simple functionality for changeovers and general operation. Inspira improves accuracy, sealing integrity, ease of use, and productivity.

It offers the highest levels of productivity performance, system efficiency, and pack quality, along with reduced environmental impact and improved operator working conditions.

CCW-RV Series Multihead Weighers

Faster, more accurate, easier to use, and environmentally friendly Ishida’s RV-Series has sloped self-draining surfaces to prevent bacteria traps and simplified sanitation. Models for dry, fresh, and frozen foods feature automatic set-up, fast product delivery, and wireless operation making the RV weigher the most operator-friendly and efficient model since Ishida invented computer combination weighing.

Spray Dynamics is a leading innovator of equipment for the controlled application of liquid and dry ingredients on a wide range of food products. Spray Dynamics applicators are designed to optimize the efficiency and quality of processes and finished products.

Spray Dynamics Two-Stage Coating System

The Spray Dynamics two-stage coating system provides consistent, uniform liquid and dry coating application to extruded, baked, frozen or fried products.

The gentle folding action of the Soft Flight coating drum ensures that each piece of product is presented for seasoning application.   Accurately metered and sprayed liquids, and precisely measured dry powders provide reliable even seasoning coverage.

Brand consistency is key to a company’s long-term success, so variability of seasoning coverage can be a problem in snack food manufacturing. FastBack® Revolution Seasoning System provides uniform coverage.

FastBack Revolution Seasoning System

The FastBack Revolution Seasoning System is an on-machine seasoning application that combines the superior seasoning performance of the patented dynamic AccuFlavor Tumble Drum, the efficiency of the Modular Dust Collection System, and the advanced FastBack Model 260E-G3 into one compact, cost-efficient, standalone unit designed to overcome seasoning challenges at the weigher.

Metal detectors and X-Ray equipment will also be on display, along with experts who can discuss the latest technologies in processing snack and special bakery foods.


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