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GEA Food Solutions opens Americas region technology center

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New tech center allows customers to test and develop new and current products.

Frisco, TX, February 2014 – After finalizing the construction on the Frisco, Texas headquarters, GEA Food Solutions is happy to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art technology center. With multiple line configuration possibilities and full time food technologists, this technology center will change the way our customers are able to test current and develop new products.

Expanding on a proven method of testing
Years ago (then) CFS opened the first technology center of its kind in Europe. This provided the most extensive and state-of-the-art testing facility in the industry. Since then this there have been multiple technology centers set up at other GEA Food Solutions’ sites in Europe enabling our customers to test before they invest. Building on the success of those technology centers, GEA Food Solutions looks to offer a more geographically convenient option for our North and South American customers.

The most comprehensive solutions in the industry
From preparation and marination, to processing, slicing and packaging, GEA Food solutions can offer a solution for most any application in the food industry. This technology center will offer multiple full line options depending on the application need of the customer. GEA will also offer the ability to test a single piece of machinery. With the most comprehensive portfolio of machinery in the food industry, the options are limitless.

CookStar on a cook/fry line in the new technology center.

Newest technology on the market
The technology center will house proven GEA Food Solutions mainstays such as the GEA CookStar and GEA Easy Fry along side of our cutting edge machinery like the GEA MutiDrum homestyle breading machine and MultiJector injection system. Whether the product is fresh, frozen, grilled or breaded GEA Food Solutions can meet any application need.

Check out a teaser video:

The only way to coat home-style products
The only way to get perfect home-style coated products in an industrial setting is in a drum breader. However, this coating technique has had drawbacks in the past relating to the spread of products at the outfeed, the large footprint, time-consuming cleaning and the dusty environment it produces. This makes the new GEA MultiDrum, a milestone since it overcomes all these issues. This paired with the GEA CookStar and GEA EasyFry XL is set to revolutionize the industry.

Flexible, accurate and hygienic injector
The big news from the marination equipment range is an all-new GEA MultiJector multi-purpose brine injector. This is the result of two years’ intensive development, and sets high standards for accuracy, hygiene, flexibility and versatility. In addition to providing precise and controllable brine injection, it incorporates innovations such as needle cassettes which comprise an easily removable and replaceable manifold including needles, strongly simplifying cleaning and shortening changeover times. A unique tool makes it possible to remove, clean and return the conveyor belt with one person without moving up- or downstream equipment in the production line.

OptiFlour coating machine on a coating line in the new GEA technology center.

A true partnership for developing new products
With a full-time food technologist on staff, GEA Food Solutions will work hand-in-hand with customers to develop new products for the industry. The ability to test new products without having to shut down a line in their factory gives customers the freedom to test the feasibility of a new product using GEA Food Solutions machinery. With the combined expertise of GEA and the customers R&D teams, this technology center is set to be the catalyst that will help push new products to the market and push the boundaries of what is possible. This will help solidify GEA as a technology leader and true partner to our customers.

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