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Cabinplant at IPPE 2020: Batch portioning with significant less give-away

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Automation Food Safety Bagging/Weighing Cabinplant A/S IPPE 2020

The Cabinplant Multibatcher is ideal for weighing large portions of meat and poultry to reduce give-away and labor costs

Cabinplant A/S, the innovative and global supplier of tailor-made processing and weighing/packing solutions, presents value-creating batch portioning and multihead weighing systems for the meat and poultry processing industry at IPPE 2020. The expo takes place January 28-30, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The Cabinplant Multibatcher is ideal for weighing large portions of meat and poultry to reduce give-away and labor costs. With its highly automated process for portioning up to 75 lbs batches, the solution has the potential to send the meat processing industry into the fast lane. Especially at a time, when challenges such as African swine fever can open up for new business opportunities and markets.

The Cabinplant Multihead Weigher solution with the unique screw feed technology eliminates problems with poultry meat that sticks during the weighing and packaging process. Among the other unique features of the system is the sensor gate technology that addresses the issue of making few-piece portioning with a high degree of precision when it comes to fixed weight output.

Highlights at IPPE 2020:

  • Multibatcher – innovative food weighing technology that increases throughput, reduces give-away and labor costs significantly when it comes to weighing and batching of large portions
  • Multihead Weigher with unique screw-feeder technology for weighing of sticky poultry meat without unnecessary downtime in the production line – including sensor gate technology for accurate weighing of few-piece portions

Cabinplant Multibatcher: Box packing in the fast lane

The Multibatcher is an automatic high-speed solution for weighing and packing of large portions of up to 75 lbs. It is the first batcher based on combinatorial weighing and an alternative to conventional batching and manual processes. The Multibatcher has the potential to significantly reduce give-away and costs through precision and speed.

The combinatorial weighing principle is a unique feature. The raw materials are weighed into partial portions in a number of pans from which they are combined and selected to create the needed batch weight. This weighing principle is also known from Cabinplant’s successful Multihead weigher and results in a higher accuracy.

Tests of the Multibatcher show an average give-away down to 0.25-0.7%, depending on the size of the portions. This is a very high accuracy compared to other solutions on the market like batching based on the top-up principle.

– The Multibatcher means significant savings. The give-away can be reduced with up to 2000 lbs of meat on a daily basis for a processing line running two shifts and based on 3.5 oz or less give-away per portion, says Johnnie Erichsen, Senior Vice President and CCO, Americas at Cabinplant

The Multibatcher processes up to 12 batches per minute in batches of 1-75 lbs. The solution is tailor-made and can be fitted into existing packing lines or used as a stand-alone unit. The Cabinplant Multibatcher is suitable for all kinds of small or large products, including meat, meat by-products, poultry and fish products and comes in two versions with a pan volume of 5 or 8 gallons.

Cabinplant Multihead Weigher: Nothing sticks and stops

The presentation of the Multihead Weigher solution at IPPE follows a noticeable progress for the solution in the US market. A leading US company within packaged meat recently installed the Cabinplant Multihead Weigher solution in their pork processing units. In the world-wide poultry industry, Cabinplant has delivered several hundred weighing installations for fresh products alone, thanks the unique screw feeding principle.

According to one of Cabinplants largest customers in the poultry business the success of the Multihead Weigher is no coincidence.

“They were showing the Multihead Weigher and screw feed technology and it appealed to me because it could automate the weighing process and the packing of poultry parts in trays, that could not be handled by our regular weighers with vibration shutes.”

“It worked! Manual handling has been eliminated, and the poultry parts are weighed precisely and packed in trays. All the meat passes through without becoming stuck to the equipment,” says the production director of the leading poultry company.

The traditional vibrating method makes it very difficult to ensure precise and fast weighing as fresh chicken fillets tend to stick. The patented screw feeding principle allows the portions of poultry to be weighed precisely, using a multihead weigher, reducing costly downtime.

Sensor gate technology: Precise few-piece portions

The sensor gate technology developed for the Cabinplant screw feed Multihead Weigher enables a precise weighing of few-piece portions. The technology ensures that only one piece of meat is dumped into each weighing pan.

The sensors constantly measure the opening of the gate to each pan and adapts the speed of the screw. This eliminates problems of duplets or triplets in the pans making it difficult to obtain uniform package sizes.

The intelligent and various speed control is an additional advantage that increases the capacity of the packing line. There is always a product in the screw feeder reducing the number of empty pans in the multihead weigher.

– The sensor gate technology enables precise portioning and thereby a significant reduction in give-away, concludes Johnnie Erichsen, Senior Vice President and CCO, Americas at Cabinplant.

At Cabinplant, they look forward to meeting U.S. customers and specialists at IPPE where the Multibatcher and the Multihead Weigher system including sensor-gate will be presented alongside the other innovative solutions from the company.


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