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Artificial Intelligence used to improve the way beer is made

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London, UK-based IntelligentX brewery uses AI to design and redesign and redesign its beer.

While there’s no chance of HAL (see 2001: Space Odyssey) going crazy, one UK-based brewery has utilized the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to help it build a better beer for today and tomorrow.

IntelligentX Brewing Co. based in London, England, has used public feedback for real life human beings who like to drink beer and have utilized AI brewing to create flavors people will like, producing four flavors: a British golden ale; a grapefruit-infused bitter; a hoppy American pale ale; a smokey porter-based Marmite beer.

Wait… Marmite? HAL…..

Using IntelligentX’s Facebook messenger bot, they asked people about their favorite beer tastes and what could be done to improve on them.

The messenger bot asked: what type of beer people preferred, and then asked about flavor profiles such as malt, hops and even alcohol content preferences on their favorite beer.

Using an algorithm to collate and process the data, the program spits out a beer recipe based on the consumer’s feedback.

Then… then the program uses AI to change ingredients to create a better beer.


IntelligentX is a small brewery, so when it creates a new AI recipe, it doesn’t have to place millions of bottles of beer on the wall and can instead offer its diehard fans smaller batches.

Feedback is then appreciated, and further refinements go into the creation of the beer recipe with more AI suggestions.

There might be AI involved, but it doesn’t have its own tastebuds, so IntelligentX continually gets to know the pluses and minuses of the beer it is brewing.

Still in its infancy, utilizing AI to craft beer will only continue to refine what IntelligentX’s consumers feel is the best beer for their taste.

The AI program will continue to learn.

Each batch of beer brewed by IntelligentX will continue to evolve thanks to the AI-sorted feedback.

In the photo at the very top, there are two versions of the brewery’s Amber beer, a version 01 and a 06a, providing insight into the evolution of the flavor profile.


Each of the four IntelligentX beers come in ‘pirate black’ bottles are are available in extremely limited editions for those that know how to find it.

You could start by visiting their website at

What? No love for Vegemite?


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